Saavn South Asian Music App Review


 Saavn South Asian Music App Review  

If you love Hindi Music, both movies and pop music, then Saavn is a must have application for you. Saavn is a music streaming application available on the iPhone (and related devices). In this article, I am reviewing some of the key areas such as music selection, sound quality etc

Music Selection

The choice of music was truly remarkable. I expected it to have the latest Bollywood songs (ZNMD was the current favorite) but was pleasantly surpised to find old hits as well (I searched for Sholay). I also searched for some popular pop songs like Indian Ocean and was able to find it too. In fact the search function is pretty neat and has a nice auto filter as you type in keywords. I even found Dekha Na Hai Re Socha Na from Bombay to Goa on there which I have been looking for a long time.

Sound Quality 

I have only used the application on a Wifi connection and the sound quality is really good and I did not face any buffering issues. Even the music from Sholay and the 70s movies was decent. I really would not expect crisp sound from old movies but its great they are available. There is a setting to allow high, low and medium quality for audio based on you bandwidth situaton.


You can create an account with Saavn or use a Facebook account to login and then create playlists. Was able to create a couple of playlists and add songs to do it. Took me a while to get used to the interface and it does not seem like there are any limitations just yet.

Overall, this is a must have app for any Hindi Music fans. It free to begin with and I am not sure if that will change soon or not (as they have ads in there for now). It provides a good way to listen to the music before you go ahead and buy the CD. I am not sure how this is licensed because the catalog is crazy big. If licensing etc is not an issue, they may be able to keep this application free. Enjoy it while it lasts. There is no iPad specific version just yet and we know there is an Andriod version. Worst case you can try it on the web at