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Is Google Adsense effective for Indian Sites?

Google Adsense is an advertising program for Google, where content publishers, bloggers and other site owners can display Google Ads on their websites. Google pays the website owner a commission when a visitor clicks through to an advertiser's site. I get a number of questions from users on the success of the program and other questions on Adsense as it relates to publishers from India. Over the next few weeks, I will write some of my experiences with Google Adsense as it relates to India related websites.

I registered my domain http://www.dinesh.com// almost a decade ago and its have been hosting content related to India and some other content related to my personal interests such as my school and my interest in corporate logos. Over these few years, I have tried publishing ads from different programs most of which are now defunct or have merged with larger companies. The first problem with most of these publishers is that they almost never enterained my site for the following reasons.

  1.  My site had content that was not related to the United States but was related to India.
  2.  The amount of traffic that my site generated (about 25,000 page views) per month was not good enough to be considered.
  3.  They would not mail the earned income to a non-US address.

All of the above meant that my site never qualified for many programs. The ones it did qualify for were really bad and did not generate any income or did not have any ads that were relevant to the visitors on my website.

The Google Adsense program however is very different and very effective for sites that have Indian content (or any content for that matter)

  •  They accept sites from all over the world so you can sign up for it with an Indian address.
  •  The program is open to users of sites that have low traffic.
  •  They do have some restrictions on the type of content but unless your content is racist in nature or something like that, they usually accept your application in 2-3 days and you are good to go.
  •  Google Adsense also pays in Indian Rupees and mails the cheques to an address in India. It takes a while to get your money, but once you get rolling, the cheque comes in every month around the same time, provide of course you earn enough ($100 being the minimum total amount)
  • Indian advertisers publish on Google Adsense which makes it very effective for your target audience.

Overall to begin with, I certainly feel that Google Adsense is by far the best program out there for advertisers of Indian content. Though I cannot reveal the click-throughrates or amounts I earn, all I can say is that its much higher than any other program I have enrolled in and currently the revenues that I make more that pay for the site hosting charges so I am very happy.

Google Adsense has started a referral program as of November 2005 and if you are a publisher and would like your own account, you can sign up through my referral link. 


I have had a lot of experience with tuning Google Adsense for Indian content and if you need any help, please feel free to contact me.