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Rediffmail-Chotte Se Break ke baad

My wife uses Rediffmail, the mail offering from Rediff.com. I was quite surprised and shocked to see the number of hoops she has to go through get to her email. The moment she hits the home page, there is a pop-up ad that is presented. Fortunately, the popup blocker did its job, but the browser pauses and hangs while that event is handled.  The days of the pop-up are long lon and I am surprised such a big site still resorts to such underhanded gimmicks.

Even if you manage to avoid the pop-up, there is another annoying blow-up ad that expands to occupy most of the screen. If you carefully manage to avoid it and hit the close button, you can sign in. Once you sign in, there are more ads waiting for you before you proceed to read your emails.

Rediff.com is one of India's leading portals and is also a publicly traded company. I wonder how much revenue they take in because people inadvertantly click these ads. A lot of techno-savvy users probably manage to avoid it, but I think a lot of the average users do click on it. I think this is a shameful tactic.  With some many ads before getting to the actual email, I am tempted to say "Rediffmail dekhiye - Ek chotte se break ke baad".