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Vitamin Water for Dogs


America is probably the biggest market for wierd products. This is the latest in a line of many products. Vitamin water for dogs. A California based company is selling this product. The name of the company is called K9 Water Company. The water is offered in four mouth-watering flovors

  •  Toilet Water
  •  Gutter Water
  • Puddle Water and
  • Hose Water.


The real kicker is that a four pack costs $7.49. For that price, one could get

  •  A 6-pack of beer
  • 3 gallons of fuel
  • 5 large Pepsi bottles 

In you are looking for a larger set, the water also comes in 12 packs and 24 packs, which cost $19.99 and $35.99, respectively. I am sure this product will be very successful just for the novelt

"We are dog lovers and pooch parents ourselves, so we had our formula tested in an independent lab by a veterinary nutritionist to make sure it is healthy for your dog," founders Don Magier and Susan Goldberg wrote on the company's Web site.