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Child Relief and You (CRY)


Child Relief and You (CRY)

CRY is Child Relief. And YOU. An Indian organisation that belies every child ought to be given a fair starting chance to read and write, go to school, play, be healthy, and have a home. CRY reaches out to thousands of children for whom a school and a home are just a dream.

Is the problem just too big ?

Are you concerned that the problem is so enormous, your individual contributions would make little difference ?

Poverty and misery take on such huge proportions in India, most of us believe that our individual efforts are but a drop in the ocean. Futile attempts that might feed a hungry child one day, only to allow him to starve the next and finally, perhaps even starve to death.
That's not true.

You can help uncared for children grow up to live meaningful lives - where they can, make a positive contribution to society through CRY, who channelizes your contributions to those who need it most.

Here are a few reassuring facts about CRY and its activities that might put your doubts to rest. Each small contribution combines to do gretat things. Take a look at what 'YOU' have done. Last year alone we put together with your support, little by little, Rs 2.5 crores. And used the money judiciously to help poor children grow up to be happy, productive adults. In fact in the 16 years of its existence, CRY has supported 178 child development initiatives reacing out to over 6.5 lakh children.

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Child Relief and You (CRY) 198/A, Anand Estate, Sane Guruji Marg, Bombay 400 011. Tel: +91-22-3063651/3647/3609

Child Relief and You (CRY) DDA Slum Wing, Community Facility Complex, Bapu Park, kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110 003 tel: +91-11-4693137/4790/3159

Child Relief and You (CRY) No.3, Stephens Road Cross, Frazer Town, Bangalore 560 005 Tel: 5569355/572952

Child Relief and You (CRY) 46, Poes Road, Off Eldams Road, Teynampet, Madras 600 018 tel: 451548/450400/458576

Child Relief and You (CRY) 234/N Diamond Harbour Road, Janakalyan, Calcutta 700 008 Tel: 776324/84