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Google SEO Tip #1 - Choose the right Keywords

The fact that you are reading this article means that you have some interest in tuning your website in order to get additional traffic to it. As you all know, I insist that anyone claming to get you top rankings in Google is probably cheating you in some way. The tips I am suggesting are ones that I have personally tried and have had very good success with. I wish you luck with the same.

The first and most important thing you will have to do is determine the keywords you are tuning your website for. The trick here is to determine what your potential users are likely to search for. Also remember, do not try and tune for generic keywords because there will be a ton of other sites who have already tuned for it. Lets take an example. Lets say you have an Indian Restaurant called Banjara Palace in Bangalore. The first instinct may be to tune for "Banjara Palace" or "Indian Restaurant". Anyone who already knows your name is not your target audience, although its important to tune for your name as well.  Even if you get in the top list for Indian Restaurant, whats the point, someone in Japan who searches finds you will probably never come to Malleshwaram for lunch.

If you think carefully as to how your customer may be looking for you, you may come up with a different set of answers.

1. What type of cusine is your customer looking for - Andhra, South Indian

2. What words will they be looking for - cuisine, food

3. What location will they be searching for - Malleshwaram, Bangalore

4. What description will they be looking for - cheap, tasty

Based on this information, you may come up with a new set of keywords "Banjara Palace Restaurant - Tasty Andhra food in Malleshwaram Bangalore"

Remember, choosing the right set of keywords is the most important step. Spend a lot of time before you proceed to implementing the other tips.


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