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Sify Logo - Design and History

Sify Technologies Limited is a major ISP company based in Chennai, India. It is a large internet network provider in India, with a wide array of internet based services. In January,  Sify Technologies unveiled a new corporate identity.
The new logo is a reflection of Sify's outlook and nature of business: a fresh, vibrant and eco-friendly green signalling a new,paper-free world, counterpoised by a business-like, dependable grey. The fonts are distinctive and futuristic. In graphic terms, the dot over the 'i' in the name has moved forward, and stands for the Company's promise to keep its customers and stakeholders ahead.
For the promise of "Keeping you ahead" reiterates Sify's focus on technology, innovation and new services aimed at keeping customers in the lead by giving them a competitive edge using Sify's services. 

This is probably one of the first Indian companies to take a stance on eco-friendliness. Oddly, Xerox which unveiled their new logo today also chose a lower case text for the name.

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