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Diabetes America Logo - Design and History

 Diabetes America Logo

This new facility opened up close to where I live and their logo intrigued me.  More and more people are being diagnosed with Diabetes these days and Diabetes America offers a one-stop shop for all all diabetes needs of patients. DiabetesAmerica„¢ health centers are the first ever facilities built expressly to fulfill the following needs

  • Unique needs of diabetes patients, all under one roof.
  • On-site physicians 
  • On-site diabetes educators 
  • On-site lab and diagnostic testing 
  • Complete, personalized diabetes care, under one roof

The logo comprises of 4 major areas that patients need to focus on to control their diabetes

1. Diabetes Medical Care
2. Personalized Diabetes Education
3. Nutrition Counseling
4. Lifestyle and Exercise Coaching 

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