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 With the NBA playoffs for 2007 reaching its final stages, I thought I would research the logo of the San Antonio Spurs, one of the last 4 team still remaining in the playoffs. The Spurs are one of the hottest team in the NBA this decade having won 3 championships with their big stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

The current logo of the Spurs is the word SpUrs with the letter U drawn as a silver spur.  It is also said that the outline of the logo is said to represent the AT&T center where the Spurs moved to in 2002-2003. The logo was unveiled at the same time as the move to their new home.

 Image 1967-1975 :Before moving to the NBA, the Spurs were in Dallas and went by the name, the Dallas Chaparrals. Their logo is shown on the left.  

Image  1971-1972:  For the 1991-1992 Season, the Dallas Chaparrals renamed themselves to the Texas Chaparrals in order to attract more fans. They reverted back to the Dallas Chaparrals in 1973. Their logo is depicted on the left and has the map of Texas on it.

 Image 1976-1989: In 1976, the San Antonio Spurs moved to the NBA. Their new logo consisted on the text Spurs in Black with the the U looking like a Silver Spur. Its very similar to the current logo.

 Image  1990 - 2002: In 1992,  The unveiled their new logo called the "Fiesta" logo.  The logo had the silver spur with black text. The background was made to look like a flag with teal, pink and orange colors.  It is said that those colors were used to represent the Mexican and Chicano population of San Antonio.  

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