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Portland Trailblazers Logo - Design and History


The Portland Trailblzers logo is 10 red and silver lines on a black background between script

Harry Glickman€™s cousin, Frank Glickman, of Boston, Massachusetts, designed the original logo, consisting of a straight up and down pinwheel with black on the top and red on the bottom.  It€™s meaning is simple: a modern graphic interpretation of the game of basketball, five players from one side playing against five players from another.

In 1992, the Blazers changed from the lowercase typography to a bold, uppercase typeface, adding a dimension to the word mark and tilting the pinwheel, an affectionate name that evolved with fans and media, forty-five degrees to signify motion of the game.

This most recent change adds silver and a black background, tapers the ends of the logo, and moves the red back to the bottom of the pinwheel, as it initially appeared in 1970. This gives the logo a three-dimensional appearance, better matching the typeface. The typeface is also changing, adding a trailing serif to the letters, signifying motion.

In addition to updating the logo, the Blazers are adding a secondary mark to the team€™s identity. This secondary mark makes the Blazers the twenty-second team in the NBA to add a secondary logo as a part of its graphic identity. The Blazers are asking fans to submit names on Blazers.com to give fans the opportunity to don the secondary mark with its official name in late June 2002.

Both the updated logo and secondary mark were designed by Portland native Steve Sandstrom of Sandstrom Design


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