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Sacramento Kings Logo - Design and History

 ImageThe Sacramento Kings are one of the teams in the Western Conference. They have had mixed results over the past few years. With the likes of Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, Peja Stojakovic and Jason Williams in the team, the Kings have had made several successful playoff appearances but have never won a title. The team is owned by the sometimes flamboyant Maloof Brothers. The new owners has paid for good talent and the city has a strong fanbase. The team has had a sold out arena streak of over 300 games.

The original franchise was called the the Rochester Royals, from Rochester, NY. The Royals won the NBA title in 1951, which remains the only championship in the team's history. The team was named the Kings when they moved to Kansas City. The name Royals was taken by the baseball team and so they named the team the Kings. The name Kings seems to stem from the original name, the Royals.

The current Kings logo comprises of a King's crown with two spears in the background and a basketball at the bottom. The logo is mainly purple which is also the colour of the team's uniforms.

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